Adult Enrichment 

Center Inc.

Quality, Dignity, Choices, Opportunities, Connect, Grow

This program offers a welcoming, educational, and fun environment for individuals who need minimal assistance throughout their day. At this location we focus on topics and group discussions, job readiness, social skill building, lifeskills, academic upgrading, and overall preparedness for moving out and taking that next step as an adult. We accommodate all requirements to ensure every client has a successful day. If they require visual charts, visual task analysis, social stories, specialized programs etc. we will create and implement anything they may need.

Some programs offered at our Valley Wellness location include:

 - Cooking

- Cleaning

- Budgeting

- Daily discussion groups/awareness for anxiety, social media safety, healthy relationships, anger management, daily struggles etc.

- Socialization

- Volunteering and job readiness

-Preparing to move out/becoming self sufficient within the community

- Community inclusion

- Academic upgrading