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The Adult Enrichment Centre has made a great impact on my son, Joshua. Before AEC he spent a lot with just me he has made connections with other clients and has grown as a person. He has gained patience and coping skills that have helped with frustration and dealing with change. The staff is so caring and so much fun. Even during COVID, the staff stayed connected with clients via video, engaging them in songs, stories and activities. Joshua loves his “school” and looks forward to it each day. I have the ease of knowing that my son is in excellent care.

Joshua’s mom Donna - SSM Parent

I like AEC because you learn different things like gardening math reading being with my friends everyday I like going outside to play games and we do wheelchair walks and we do some showing together we learn so much about it its going to learn my friends help me with opening my lunch if I need help and it gives us somewhere to go week our parents are working everday it gives us some independence

Chanda - Sault Ste. Marie client

Hi my name is Shannon O'Reilly. I enjoy coming to the Valley Wellness Center 5 days a week. I really enjoy seeing my friends. I really enjoy doing topic. I enjoyed going strawberry picking. How did I cope with covid? I went on alot of walks with my mom and I did some puzzles, did cooking and baking, did some group therapy, art therapy, music therapy, lunchtime Zoom with my friends and my staff. I started my new job at Joanne's camp. I love coming to the Valley Wellness Center

Shannon - Sudbury client

Hi my name is DJ Fox. I like coming to the Valley program. My favourite place to go. I like singing karoke and I like my friends and I like my staff. How did I cope with covid, I stayed connected with friends and staff by singing and I like doing topics and outings and I like my job at the AEC.

DJ Fox - Sudbury client

"Our family had moved to Sudbury the beginning of June 2014 and this meant leaving services that had been well established in Hamilton. We came to Sudbury not knowing what would be cobbled together to meet our son's needs. We were fortunate to hear about a new young adults program that was opening in June and were taking applications. Joanne Bouchard was a ray of sunshine and enthusiastically invited Sam to join the program as it opened June 2 this year. Sam blossomed in the program and for a change - was eagerly getting up every morning to attend the program at the Adult Enrichment Center. Every day staff celebrate the unique qualities of each person and their family. Special needs families don't often have anyone cheering on their kids for just being themselves. Joanne and her team do - and it brightens my day to see my son grinning with delight when I hear about his escapades at swimming or bowling with the program. Thank you Joanne for having a dream and putting it in motion. We are very fortunate to have this exceptional program developed in our community to meet the exact needs of our kids."


Heather Pepper - Sudbury Parent

"I am a parent who struggled to find a program to enrol my son in that he would enjoy going to every day, and that would challenge and push him to the best of his abilities. Thanks to the Adult Enrichment Center, I have to say my search is over. The Adult Enrichment Center is exactly what my son and I were looking for. He looks forward to going and comes home with a big smile every day, and I see a big change in his personality as well as no stress or anxiety. He is making big strides in his growth and he keeps surprising us with what he knows and is capable of. I would highly recommend the Adult Enrichment Center to anyone looking for the proper atmosphere for continued learning a fun for their loved one."


"My daughter Erica is 21 years old and has a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy.

She graduated from High School this June and we were in a panic this spring as we had not been able to find a program that was appropriate for her to attend. A friend gave me the information on the Adult Enrichment Centre and after coming to see the facilities and meeting the staff and some of the clients we signed Erica up for a part time spot. While there was a transition period for Erica as she does not do well with change we could not be happier."

"Erica is now attending full time and loves going to “school” her speech is improving as well as her attitude at home. The care she receives is superior to what was provided in High School especially the attention to grooming. I have been lucky enough to visit the centre on numerous occasions and the staff are always engaged with the clients. Everyone is participating/working to the best of their ability. While they all have different abilities, likes, wants and needs they accept each other as equals, even appear to watch out for each other. I also had the opportunity to see a group out in the community, while I did not stay around for very long as it can be disruptive especially when they know your name and want to talk. We have all seen special needs individuals out the community and we have seen how others stare, depending on the cognitive ability of the individual this can be upsetting, by taking them out as a group they are giving them the protection and support of the group, they interact with each other and gain confidence."

"The only barrier to this program is the available funding, currently I am basically working to pay for my daughter to receive the programming she requires and deserves."

Paula Somers - Sudbury Parent