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Center Inc.

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Our Team

Adult Enrichment Center employees exceptional, trained, qualified staff who have, at minimum, a college diploma in a recognized field. We are proud to say our team is made up of only the best Developmental Service Workers, Social Service Workers, Addictions and Mental Health Workers, Occupational Therapist Assistance, Child and Youth Workers, and Nurses.

Executive Founding Director

Joanne Bouchard

     Joanne Bouchard is the Founder of the Adult Enrichment Center Inc. Joanne graduated from Cambrian College and while she was completing her studies in the SSW.,Social Services Worker is when she became aware of the need for services for adults with physical and developmental disabilities in the Greater Sudbury Area. A study in the Community Development at Cambrian College inspired Joanne to further purse her dream. After completing 2 semesters of placements with agencies who service individuals with developmental disabilities was a clear avenue for her. After graduating from Cambrian College with Honours and on the Cambrian’s Scholar for her academic achievement, Joanne was fortunate to be have the knowledge and compassion for her dream and open her first program in Sudbury on June 2, 2014.

Having worked with a variety of young and older adults with special needs, Joanne knows first-hand the struggles that families face every day. Joanne advocates on behalf of individuals with disabilities, and will assist her participants in coming together and forming their own advocating group along with her staffing.

     Joanne has a education background in SSW., Social Service Worker, and has also been a multiple business owner for many years. After working in the field and being exposed to the high demand for young adults to be able to participate in a Day Program (and unable to find one due to the limited amount service available in our area), this is when she realized that she can make a difference in these individual’s lives by providing a service such as The Adult Enrichment Center. From there her goal was to open a Center where families can bring their young adults and loved ones (after graduating from the education system) to a place where they feel safe and welcomed, meet new friends, socialize, enhance their daily living/life skills, and can continue to learn to the best of their ability.

     With all this happening the first Adult Enrichment Center opened June 2nd, 2014, one year later the second location of the Adult Enrichment Center opened in Sudbury June 2nd, 2015. Adult Enrichment Center expanded into Sault Ste Marie and opened there April 2016.  

Executive Director Assistant, EA

Ashley Pelland

     Ashley has always had a love of working with individuals with special needs. She graduated from the DSW., Developmental Services Worker Program with honours at Cambrian College in 2010. Since then, she has worked with individuals with special needs of all ages, and in many different settings. She has worked with children, adolescents, as well as adults. Before the Adult Enrichment Center, Ashley worked in daycares, schools, day programs, family homes, hospitals (Kirkwood site), as well as group homes. She has worked with a variety of different diagnoses, but has gained a lot of experience with Autism and severe behaviours.

Some of the skills/training/certificates that Ashley has obtained include the following:

-Applied Behaviour Analysis Certificate (ABA)

-Non-violent Crisis Intervention

-G-tube Training

-Intensive Treatment Support Program (ITSP)

-Working as part of a team of professionals developing and implementing behavioural treatment plans.

-In home behavioural treatment

-Team Building

     Ashley loves coming to work every single day and seeing all of the participants at the Adult Enrichment Center. She leaves every day with a big smile on her face, knowing that she has helped the individuals become more independent, learn new skills, encourage the skills they already have, and most importantly, to see them happy!