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Career Opportunities

Is going to work every day something you look forward to? Is your enthusiasm, dedication and hard work something you are acknowledged and appreciated for? Do you enjoy putting a smile on someone's face knowing you have made a positive impact in their day?

If you said yes to all of the above then the Adult Enrichment Center has a job for you! We work as a team to enable individuals to reach their full potential, help others achieve their goals, and provide a safe, enriching environment for everyone to learn, grow and have fun. We embrace culture, inclusivity, support differences, individuality, and celebrate everything that makes us unique!

Our employees are kind, empathetic, motivated, dedicated, educated and thrive off the success of those they support. 

Available Positions

For all available positions please email Ashley Pelland at [email protected] or more information and specify which position you are interested in/ applying for.

Sudbury, ON - Developmental Services Worker - part-time, full-time

Sudbury, ON - Social Services Worker - part-time, full-time

Sudbury, ON - Program Lead - full-time

Sudbury, ON - Residential Worker - part-time, full-time

Sudbury, ON - Mental Health and Addictions Worker - part-time, full-time

More information on available positions can be found on Indeed.